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The Redskins are loosening up the reins a bit and allowing the media to get to know Robert Griffin III a little more. Dan Hellie of NBC Washington sat down with the rookie quarterback yesterday, and the Redskins revealed a few things that we haven’t heard yet. 

Here are a few highlights from their chat. You can read the entire interview over at NBC Washington’s site. 

RGIII’s dad takes the metro.

“It’s not in my dad’s DNA to chill out,” he told Hellie. “I’ve told them multiple times that I can help them financially, and when they do need help, they ask me, but for the most part, he’s a man’s man and he wants to do it himself, and I applaud that, so for the next couple of years if that’s what he wants to do, then I don’t mind, but at some point he will have to stop, and I can take on that burden ‘cause taking care of my parents isn’t a big issue, but I applaud him and I tip my hat to him for doing what he’s doing, continuing to work, because he doesn’t want anyone ever to say that he had anything handed to him.”

He admits that Chris Cooley is “a little weird.”

“He’s a little weird,” he said. “But we all know this. I can say that on TV. He’s a little weird. And then Fletch is business. That’s what he is. It’s cool to be on their team, to have them on my team and to have those guys vote me as their captain.”

He doesn’t often go out with his teammates.

“I try not to bother guys because I do know who I am, and if we go out to dinner anywhere, it’s going to be chaotic, so I try to adjust what I do based on that, and guys respect that, because if they want to go to Hooters or wherever they want to go and not have “RGIII” there, then that’s fine, and I don’t mind that, but if they really want me there, they let me know and I’m there. It’s just about being able to talk to guys about other things other than football or to just be able to hang out with them and show them that you truly care, you’re not just here for the money.”

Despite previous denials, he has been trash-talked on the field.

“There’s a lot of crazy stuff that I can’t repeat, but I think one of the funniest things is one game early in the year, one guy comes up to me and they had hit me repeatedly throughout the game and they were like, ‘We’re gonna hit you every play.’ I looked at him and I said, “Man, isn’t this football?” And he didn’t really know what to say.”

He doesn’t listen to or read Redskins talk.

“I try to avoid anything talking about me, but I listen about other people. Not all of the time, but if I catch it and it’s not Redskins talk, I’ll listen to it if I have a minute or two and then turn it off, but I try to stay away from Redskins talk because it’s usually one way or the other – really, really good or really, really bad. You just sure you try to stay even-keeled.”