Earlier in the season, The Post’s Mike Jones told a great story about Alfred Morris and his 1991 Mazda 626, a car he named Bentley and often call his “baby” or his “boo.” He vowed to never give up on her, but the Redskins rookie told me yesterday that he fears for her health this winter.

“When I got back from Dallas, she wouldn’t start,” he said sadly. “I think she was mad at me for leaving her for so long.”

Morris had a meeting to get to at Redskins Park, so he asked one of the women who work in his apartment complex for a ride. When he returned home that night he was able to jumpstart Bentley, but he needs to get some wheels that will be more reliable in the cold weather.

“I’m still driving my baby, but for her health I gotta put her up,” Morris said, shaking his head. “It’s flu season and stuff. Keep her warm.”

Morris told me that it’s important everyone knows that the benching is only temporary.

“Loyalty is rare nowadays, so it’s something I take pride in,” he explained. “When the weather warms up, she’ll come back out.”