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Jordan Crawford says Wizards have best fans in the NBA

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Every athlete on every team in every city in every sport is required to say that his/her city’s fan base is the best in the world. Written into contracts.

Still, I don’t remember hearing that said about Wizards fans before. Weird quirk. Jordan Crawford, at least, went there on Wednesday night, following Washington’s first win.

“Big. Big,” Crawford told Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller, when asked about the fan support. “I know when they asked for my autograph, I was saying, man, thanks for still coming out, because it’s rough watching this. They’re the best NBA fans in the league.”

(Yes, those two fans above were in the crowd on Wednesday.)

Crawford was full of striking quotes on Wednesday, like when he was asked how Washington can build on its first victory.

“Continue to work,” he told reporters. “Continue not to take this game for granted. That you’re in a a great position in the NBA to make history.”

Or when Miller asked him what he was thinking when the Wizards went through a long scoring drought.

“That we had to score,” Crawford said.

Which reminded me of CSN’s Keys to the Game, via @recordsANDradio. Good key.

Also after the game, Trevor Ariza was asked if the night could help him break out, personally.

“You know what, I don’t even know,” he told reporters. “I was just out there playing. I don’t remember no plays that happened. I’m just happy that we won.”

So was Ted Leonsis.

“It is just one win, no rational reason to celebrate,” he wrote on his blog. “But for a small moment, we can say ‘phew.’ and now move on to the next game, and focus clearly on the job at hand, improvement, and gaining confidence as a unit, and adding to the win column.”

As for Crawford, he was a bit introspective.

“It’s truly a blessing to come here every day and play the game you love,” he told Miller.