“Buy a car from Lindsay Chevy between now & Dec 3,” read the message from the Lindsay Cars Twitter account. “If the Redskins shut out the Giants Dec 3 your Chevy may be free.”

Say what?

It’s the first time that we’re doing it,” Coslyn Ceballos, Lindsay Chevy’s general sales manager, told me on Thursday. “Our general manager is a Redskins fan, and the majority of our sales team are Redskins fans. We were saying, you know, what are the chances of the Redskins making something like that happen? People play the lottery all the time. The chances of hitting the lottery are, what, 1 in 175 million? But it’s fun, and it can happen, and if it did, why not make it interesting?

“That’s where it started, and from there, it was let’s do it. A lot of customers have been calling about it. They can’t believe it — what’s the gimmick, what’s the catch? It’s real simple. There’s no catch. If it happens, free car.”

And so, the names of all new Chevy buyers at the Woodbridge dealership between last Monday and next Monday will be automatically entered into a drawing. If the Redskins win via shutout — no, a scoreless tie doesn’t count — eight of those buyers will be reimbursed for the purchase price of their new cars. There are more details on the dealership’s blog.

“Realistically, we don’t think that anyone will make a new vehicle purchase based only on the fact that they could win,” Paul Smyth, the dealership’s general manager, said in the blog post.  “But for shoppers ready to make a new car purchase, the chance to get that new vehicle for free could be a huge incentive to visit our store… We’re also offering this promotion to express our love of the Redskins.  They’re our home team and we believe in them.”

If the Skins pull off the shutout win, the drawing will be held at the dealership Tuesday at 6 p.m., with the winners announced on the shop’s Facebook page. I don’t know how you put a financial figure on free publicity, but there will be a lot of national media mentions of Lindsay Chevrolet if this happens.

I asked Ceballos whether he’d be extra nervous watching the Redskins this week.

“That’s gonna depend what the score looks like,” he said.

Winners are responsible for taxes, tags and processing fee associated with the vehicle purchase. More rules are available at the Lindsay Web site.