By Matt Strasen / Associated Press.

“RGIII and Garcon — last two off of practice field by about 10 minutes,” CSN Washington’s Rich Tandler noted on Thursday.

Which immediately made me think of an interview Garcon did with SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier in the week. Garcon’s former GM, Bill Polian, asked the wide receiver to compare playing with Robert Griffin III to his days in Indianapolis with Peyton Manning.

“Playing with Peyton was a great experience,” Garcon said. “[I] was learning a lot, seeing what those guys did to win, the attitude, the work ethic on and off the field. And right now we’re trying to get that same thing going that Peyton and Marvin had with me and RG. We’re trying to do a lot of communication, a lot of talking on and off the field, watching film together, talking about defenses and plays. And we’re trying to instill that work ethic that we had in Indianapolis down here in D.C.”

Garcon went on to talk about their potential as a deep-ball combination, noting that the rookie quarterback “loves the deep ball, he loves to throw the deep ball, and I enjoy going deep. Hopefully when the foot gets back all the way, I’ll be able to run down those deep balls more often for him.”

Santana Moss was also on a non-local radio program this week — ESPN New York’s Michael Kay Show — and he also was asked about how good his quarterback is at the top of the segment.

“You know, I’m tired of answering this question,” Moss quipped. I think. “But at the end of the day, the guy, he’s a talent, man. He’s one of those guys, you don’t get tired of watching him. Every week there’s gonna be something new that you find that really wows you. He has a lot of room for improvement, just doing what he does. I think he’s a bright guy, so when it comes down to anything that he feels like he’s not at his best at, he makes sure he gets on top of it real quick. And the next time out, you can see it immediately change. He don’t waste no time making progress.”