The well of intriguing Robert Griffin III trivia will probably run dry at some point, but we haven’t reached that sad ending yet.

Until Dan Hellie sat down for a jovial interview with the quarterback this week, for example, I didn’t know that Griffin recently read “The Art of War,” owns more than 100 pairs of socks, and would take Durant over LeBron, because the former is “from here,” as Griffin put it. “And Durant’s also a Redskins fan,” he added.

The full piece, along with Hellie’s effervescent charm, can be experienced at NBC Washington, but let me just highlight two more quick points.

(1) The dog tags around Griffin’s neck that were briefly visible during the Eagles game, as seen above? No, they’re not his father’s.

It has my fiancée’s ring on it,” he told Hellie. “It has a Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11, just to remind me, and it’s something I’ve always worn. When it breaks, I get a new one. My dad will not let me wear his dog tags. He’s always been that way, so just have to wear something, and that’s what I decided to wear.”

2) The most famous person in his cell phone? Tom Cruise. Yeah.

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