Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

When Eric Kettani walked into the Redskins locker room Wednesday, he took one look at Ryan Kerrigan’s face and shook his head. 

“Man, look at that ‘stache,” he said with equal parts amusement and disbelief. “That is something else.”

Kerrigan has been growing the facial accessory in support of Movember and to raise awareness for men’s health issues. When I ran into Kerrigan at the Wizards game last week, he expressed concern over ending up on the Jumbotron. 

“My mustache,” he said, blushing. “It’s terrible.”

When I chatted with him again Wednesday, his attitude hadn’t changed. 

“The mustache is funny because it looks just awful,” he laughed. “I’ve never really grown one before. It’s just funny to have.”

The anxiety over his inability to grow a proper mustache is compounded by being alone in his endeavor.

“I’m the one-man wolf pack,” he said, of being the only Redskin participating in the movement.

Today is the last day of the month. Tomorrow Kerrigan’s pledge ends, and he can free himself of the burden. But with the Redskins going 2-1 in November, some have suggested that it might be good luck.

“The only time I’ve had just the mustache was the Dallas game, so I don’t know if I can call it a streak,” said Kerrigan, who made a brief attempt at growing a full beard earlier in the month. “I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it. We’ll see.”

If he keeps it and has a big game against the Giants on Monday, he may just have to get used to it.