Courtesy ESPN.

A few weeks ago, my pal LaVar Arrington created a small stir when he suggested, repeatedly, that Robert Griffin III needed to spend more time and effort on becoming a pocket passer.

Griffin, LaVar argued, was plenty capable either on the move or with the ball in his throwing arm. But the more designed runs Griffin executed, LaVar further argued, the less time he could spend learning to be a premiere pocket passer, which is what his long-term career would depend on.

Now, a great many Redskins fans gave LaVar a great deal of grief after Griffin’s swell game in Dallas, arguing that it showed RGIII can do whatever the heck you ask him to do. But here came ESPN’s Ron Jaworski on Monday morning, making the exact same argument LaVar had.

“I’m absolutely giddy about the future of the quarterback position [in the NFL],” Jaws said on Mike and Mike and Mike and Mike. “And tonight, in our ESPN Monday night game, we’re gonna see another tremendous young rookie quarterback in RGIII, who is something absolutely special. And America ought to watch this guy tonight, because he is a really cool football player, and a great guy, and we will see him in action tonight.

“But when look at Luck, I’m a big believer, you play from the pocket first,” Jaworski continued. “And I’ll mention RGIII and Cam Newton and some of these guys, they’ve integrated some of the college-style offense to them. I think it’s great. But eventually, you’ve got to play from the pocket first, and use the running ability to extend the plays as a last option.

“I just don’t think you can design your offense around a running quarterback, because in this league they will Knock. You Out. That’s what the NFL’s about, putting the quarterback on his back.”