(By Robert Thomson/The Washington Post)

As they have for past primetime home games, the Redskins are paying to keep Metro open an extra hour after the team’s Monday Night Football game against the Giants.

As I wrote over the summer, for Metro to stay open late (or open early) costs $29,500 per hour. The organization or venue that wants such bonus service must put down a $29,500 deposit in advance. A portion of the $29,500 extra-hour cost is reimbursable to the organization or venue in question, based on the additional fare revenue generated in that extra hour.

That the Redskins would fund this extra hour isn’t particularly newsy — the team has a standard deposit in place for any primetime home game. But if the Redskins declined to take on a cost that other D.C. pro sports teams regularly accepted, you can be darn sure I would mention it about every other day for the rest of my life. 

And in light of the Nats resisting public cries for such an agreement during the playoffs — LivingSocial ultimately agreed to fund bonus Metro service, although it was never needed — this seems worth pointing out. And yes, of course the Nats could face a greater (and indeterminate) number of late-night games than the Redskins. Still.

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