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RGIII talks about being a man

There are also comments from A-list sports names like David Falk, Tiger Woods and John Thompson Jr., discussing Griffin’s’ play and impact on the Redskins.

The highlight of the show — which will air at 7 p.m. — is likely the Griffin interview, because he nailed it yet again. For example, when asked whether he’s still under pressure, the rookie said this.

“It does look like I’m a kid out there sometimes. And you’re a kid when you’re having fun and things are going well, and you have to be a man when things aren’t going well. And when we were sitting there at 3-6, we had a lot of guys in that locker room that had to be men. And we’ve been men, and now we’re able to be kids again, because we’re having fun out there, winning football games. And we want to keep that going.

And then there was this, when asked about the significance of being a black quarterback in a city like D.C.

“Whenever you can relate to the population of the team that you play for, I think it makes it that much more special,” he said. “I don’t play too much into the color game, because I don’t want to be the best African American quarterback, I want to be the best quarterback.

“But to the fans, and to the fans who think that way and look at me as an African American, it’s important that I succeed, not only for this team, but for them. Because it gives them that motivation, that hey, you know, an African American went out and played quarterback for my Washington Redskins. So I appreciate that, I don’t ever downplay anything like that. Whoever I can go out every week and motivate to do better and to try to go after their dreams, I’m up for that.”

“The fact that he’s able to articulate his feelings, his emotions, his word usage, that’s neat to see,” Woods said. “It doesn’t always happen. You can tell he’s very educated and very mature how he carries itself. That stands out not only on the football field; that stands out in interviews and just the way he is with people.”

As for Thompson, he literally squealed when talking about his reaction to some of RGIII’s highlights.

“This kid’s pretty damn good,” the coach said, “and before you know it, you’re sitting on the edge of the seat.”