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The Giants have typically ranked, at best, second on the NFC East hate meter for Redskins fans. People with long memories often say they hate the Giants more than the Eagles. Younger fans, I’ve found, often reserve more bile for the Eagles. And everyone hates the Cowboys most of all.

But the equation may have shifted in recent months, after the salary cap penalties levied against the Redskins and Cowboys during the offseason. Giants owner John Mara, of course, is the chairman of the NFL Management Committee, which handed out the fines. And after the fines were levied, he said the Skins and ‘Boys were lucky they didn’t also lose draft picks.

ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter reported that Mara’s draft picks quote was hanging on office doors at Redskins Park last week. And USA Today’s Mike Garafolo reported that the difference in penalties called against the Giants and the Redskins/Cowboys this season was also displayed in the locker room.

And then came Monday’s win, and a postgame Daniel Snyder celebration. Multiple reports said the celebration was a profane one. From USA Today:

On Monday night, the media was allowed into the locker room earlier than usual, early enough to catch Dan Snyder offering congratulations to anyone who would take them. He shook the hand of one staffer, telling him as he walked away, “I hate those mother——-.”

And from the New York Post’s Mike Vaccaro:

Well, you didn’t expect Dan Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, to embrace prosperity with the humility of a Mara or a Tisch, did you? So after years of running a beloved civic trust into the ground, after years of losing, of abject failure, Danny Boy had himself a moment in the sun last night….Snyder, in front of several media witnesses, had this to say to a Redskins staffer: “I hate those mother[bleepers],” Snyder said gleefully.

Because they’re awesome, Post staffers then asked several Giants players about Snyder’s quote. Martellus Bennett didn’t know who Snyder was. Chris Snee did.

“I could give two [bleeps] what Daniel Snyder has to say,” the Giants center said. “I’ve heard lots of things about people hating him too. Including people that work for him.”

It’s gonna be so great when these teams meet in the playoffs.