By Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post.

After the Redskins ran past the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day, Jerry Jones was extremely complimentary of Washington’s rookie QB, saying he “was in awe” of Robert Griffin III.

“I have to almost pinch myself to realize that he was out here playing against Texas Tech about a year ago,”  Jones said then, “and here he is really doing a number on us.”

A week and a half later, Jones was forced to cheer for RGIII on Monday night, since a Redskins win (and Giants loss) would help his own team’s chances.

“We were around a couple people there early, and we all couldn’t believe Redskins! was coming out of our mouth,” Jones said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan’s New School. “But we were hoping they’d get the job done. And to their credit, that RGIII is again a major factor in what’s happening, period.  And so he did a great job, and that was a big win, for them of course, but for us.”

And so, Jones’s thoughts on his team’s chances, going forward?

“It is where at least we had hoped it would be after our game against Philadelphia,” the Cowboys owner said. ” If we could get on a level of playing [and] beat Cincinnati — that’s where we’ve got to focus — and we play well, then good things could happen for us. Obviously that gives us the tie-breaking situation with the Giants. So now if we win out and they stumble, we’ve got a shot at this thing.”

Of course, if the Cowboys win out, that would mean the Redskins don’t. Elsewhere, a couple members of the Miami Heat — who I’m pretty sure share a fanbase with the Cowboys — were also raving about RGIII. LeBron James said he would watch the Skins merely to see Griffin, and Dwyane Wade was similarly impressed.

“I love watching greatness,” Wade said, via Comcast SportsNet, “and he has it right now.”