(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)


NFL.com has video of last night’s Will Montgomery-Linval Joseph incident, but here’s the gist.

After the Alfred Morris fumble in Giants territory, and during the ensuing scramble for the ball, Joseph tried to drag Montgomery out of the scrum by his leg. Montgomery didn’t take too kindly to the maneuver and jabbed his foot in the direction of Joseph’s groin. Joseph responded with a stomp originally intended for Montgomery’s head, before changing course and ultimately landing said stomp near the Redskins lineman’s side. 

It was all very Jerry Springer. 

Josh Wilson talked about the incident with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan, and compared Joseph to reputed dirty players Albert Haynesworth and Ndamukong Suh.

“I don’t know how this one got away, but they had a Albert Haynesworth head stomper out there that kinda got away with it,” the Redskins cornerback said. “I’m sure the league is gonna review that for the Giants. But I haven’t seen somebody, well, besides Suh, that had some head-stomping going on that hasn’t been up in Detroit.”

As the video shows, Joseph didn’t actually stomp on anyone’s head, and the Giants defensive tackle seemed proud of his self control. 

“It took me everything not to hit him back, because I didn’t want to hurt the team, I didn’t want to get fined,” Joseph said, via the Daily News. “I started [to stomp], then I stopped.”

Give the man a medal.