Back in June, before the Orioles-Nats series, I posted a trash-talk video produced by Revolution Reels, featuring fans of Baltimore and Washington trading insults. This Sunday’s matchup between the Ravens and Redskins brings another video, this one with a pretty epic rant. 

“That team has been a joke for the last 20 years,” the Ravens fan says to the Redskins fan in the video. “Your owner treats your team like a fantasy team. A terrible fantasy team. Dana Stubblefield, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta, Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth – who’s probably here, by the way.

“Your mascot is racist, your best fans are cross-dressers. Your stadium is the worst. It’s terrible. It’s not even in D.C. You moved from D.C. to Landover. I just view you as the other team from Maryland.

“You have more coaches than wins in the last 10 years. You have no rivals because nobody cares about playing you. You bring back Joe Gibbs, just so your fans can boo him. Your fans are the worst. You think you’re great, but in reality, everyone hates you. Your owner hates you. He sues grandmothers. He bans signs from games because they obstruct the views, but puts seats directly behind columns, making you watch a TV when you’re at the game.

“You’re a joke, your team is a joke, your entire fanbase is a joke.”

To which the Redskins fan simply replies, “RGIII.”