In case you haven’t heard, Robert Griffin III is in the house at Verizon Center. Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller caught up with RGIII courtside during tonight’s Wizards-Heat game, and asked him why he seemed surprised when he ended up on the jumbotron so quickly.

“You gotta appreciate everything,” the rookie quarterback said. “You don’t ever come somewhere expecting that everyone is going to love on you. You’ve gotta earn it. Certainly we’ve earned it this year and hopefully we’ll continue to do that.”

I think it’s safe to say that if he goes anywhere in the D.C. area, he can expect that everyone is going to love on him.

As for LeBron James, RGIII is hoping to turn the Heat superstar into a Redskins fan.

“He is a big Cowboys fan,” RGIII said. “But hopefully we can convert him.”

Not so fast, sir. The Cowboys can keep LeBron.