(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


People raving about Robert Griffin III hardly qualifies as news anymore. But Chris Cooley kind of took things to another level during an appearance on ESPN Radio this week.

“He’s incredible,” the veteran tight end said. “He’s been incredible from the minute he set foot in our locker room. He does everything that you can see on the field. And he’s the most explosive, exciting player that I’ve been around – and that, I think, a lot of people have seen, in terms of a quarterback.

“But what he does in the locker room and in the meeting rooms is what really blows me away. We’ve been able to grow offensively – as far as volume, what we do, presenting different game plans – more than I have in a season, ever. And he’s a rookie. And he’s the guy that runs it all.

“I mean, his work ethic, and his ability to make these things happen and make our gameplan go has been unreal.  And then you put that together with his leadership skills, his relationship with the guys, the way everyone believes. It’s awesome. I mean, people really, really believe in him. We believe we’re gonna win football games. We have no doubt we can score. We have no doubt that we can beat teams. And it’s been fun for me…”

Then Cooley talked about the injury concerns many folks have when Griffin takes off running.

“He went down real weird in the fourth quarter [Monday] night, bent his legs all up,” Cooley said. “It doesn’t even bother him. I mean, obviously you don’t want to see your quarterback take hits like that, but the way he works and the way he’s wired is just a little bit different than everyone else. I mean, literally, when you look at a guy that’s made to do something, he’s made to do what he’s doing.”

As for his own contributions to the Skins’ offense, “I warmed the hell out of that bench last night,” Cooley joked.