I watched the Wizards game Tuesday night with a friend from Chicago. We were sitting next to a random longtime Wiz fan and season ticket holder. She couldn’t bring herself to attend the game, because she couldn’t bear to see LeBron win in D.C. while his bandwagon-jumping soulless sycophants in the crowd stood and cheered.

Anyhow, she attended a crochet class instead, following the game on her phone. When it looked like the Wizards might pull it out, she sought out a bar and a TV, which is why she was sitting next to us.

This all was very odd to my friend, who had no idea that actual Wizards fans maintain such incredible levels of LeBron loathing. I can’t imagine any fan base outside of Cleveland has kept up its Lebron hate like D.C. has. He’s an MVP- and title-winning superstar for a team that has no real rivalry with Washington, and people here can’t stand him because of a couple playoff series from a generation ago involving zero players who remain in D.C. And it’s glorious.

So anyhow, the Wizards won, and a decent number of people in the bar cheered, and our new friend started crying. Not, like, a single tear rolling down her cheek. She was too choked up to talk for a couple moments.

It was amazing. It was incredible. She does not work at a place with Casual Wednesdays, but she told us she would wear all her Wizards gear to work anyhow, so she could march by the phony Heat “fans” over and over.

Comcast SportsNet’s Michael Jenkins has long been a vocal proponent of such LeBron loathing, taking digs at the King every chance he got. But nothing compared to his performance throughout the network’s postgame programming on Tuesday. This is award-worthy work.

“Sportsman of the Year, LeBron?” he asked. “More like Sportsman of the Week. W-E-A-K.”

Then he laughed. He laughed for all of us.

(Via the Nexus)