Eventually, the over-the-top RGIII praise may become standard enough so as not to elicit daily blog posts. I’m making the call that we haven’t gotten there yet.

Thus, more from John Madden. You’ll recall that, after Week 1, Madden said Robert Griffin III had been the league’s best player. Madden has continued to sing Griffin’s praises during his weekly “Madden Football” spots on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon. And this week, he dropped another superlative.

“I watch all the games, and I said in Week 1, RGIII was the best player,” Madden said. “And that was taken as if I said he was the best player in the league, and he was the best quarterback, and all these things. But as you just watched it, I mean, he played great that first weekend, and then he’s played great ever since.

“And I don’t know that he’s the best player,” he continued. “I don’t know that he’s the MVP player. But I do know this: He’s the most fun to watch. If you had a category – and I know we have all these awards – if you had a category, what player in the NFL is the most fun to watch? It’s RGIII.”

Which is why I say again: We’re all going to be working a lot of nights next season. Like, at least three or four, right?

More RGIII Mania:

Snyder on RGIII: Here’s a fun nugget from NFL.com’s Gil Brandt: “When the Redskins visited the Dallas Cowboys over Thanksgiving, I talked to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who told me that after Griffin threw at his pro day, Snyder’s biggest concern was that the Colts would change their mind and pick RG3 first overall in the draft rather than Luck.”

Rubio on RGIII: Via the Examiner, “During a Playbook breakfast with Mike Allen, Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla. was asked who he thought was the best leader in Washington D.C. ‘Robert Griffin III,’ quipped Rubio without hesitation.”

Trump on RGIII: Donald Trump wrote that he thinks RGIII is “a very special player” and an “amazing talent.” The Redskins then put that quote on their Facebook page. Because Donald Trump.

JPP on RGIII: The Giants star defensive end told reporters that it’s easier to face the Saints than the Skins. “Just playing that option, man, is crazy,” Pierre-Paul said. “I think we’re one of the best teams that have played it, played it well, but it’s a pain in the ass. I hate playing it.  So now going up to like a traditional offense, we know what we’re going to probably get, and it’s much easier.”

Toddlers on RGIII: I mean, this isn’t the only toddler in town doing this, you can be sure of that.

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