(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


When Robert Griffin III was asked about LeBron James at Tuesday’s Wizards game, he expressed interest in making him a Redskins fan.

“He is a big Cowboys fan,” RGIII said. “But hopefully we can convert him.”

It raised the question of whether or not Redskins fans would welcome former Cowboys supporters to the bandwagon that is quickly growing, thanks to a very special rookie quarterback. Holden and Danny addressed the issue on their show on 106.7 The Fan yesterday, and at least one Cowboys fan submitted his application to join the crowd. 

“I’m calling in fact because, look, I’m willing to burn my Cowboys gear in front of you guys to get on board with RGIII,” said the caller, identified as Russell from Upper Marlboro. “I mean, look. Darrell Green couldn’t get me to come over there. Brian Mitchell couldn’t get me to come to the Redskins. RGIII has got me, hook, line, and sinker. Dudes, I’m ready to join the band. I’m ready.”

It would mean one fewer car driving around with Cowboys flags during Dallas week, but is it worth taking in defectors? Are Redskins fans willing to share RGIII with people who are coming over to be a fan of one man, when Redskins faithful have been suffering and waiting for their day in the sun? 

At times like this, perhaps WWRGIIID should be the mantra. What would RGIII do? 

I think we all know.

As for Russell from Upper Marlboro, or any other Cowboys fans willing to publicly denounce their team, shoot me an email if you’re serious. Perhaps we can put together a support group for you.