This is the moment that made hundreds of thousands of Redskins fans vomit simultaneously. Or faint, maybe.

“Trying to make a play,” Robert Griffin III said after the game. “Got outside, turned it inside, and as soon as I turned it inside I said oh Lord, here we go. And I got down. So I protected myself from that regard, but it was just a freak play. My leg got hit while I was going down — or after I was already down, my leg got hit. And it was a pretty painful experience, but prayerfully I’ll be all right.”

Teammates, of course, were impressed that he even came back in.

“The first thing I said to him on the sideline, I said you alright?’ ” Darrel Young said on Comcast SportsNet’s post-game show. And he said ‘I’m good. I’ll be alright.’ He said ‘I love you, go out and win this game for me.’ I said, hey, we gonna win it regardless man, that’s how we feel.

“But he came into the locker room, he gave everyone hugs. And I said man I love you man, I respect what you did, you went out there and played with your heart. And that’s all we can ask of you.”

RGIII also said he screamed — “like a man, of course” — after the contact.

“It hurt, really bad,” he said. “But like I said, it didn’t feel like an ACL or anything like that. So [trainer Larry Hess] and them came on the field, and I told them just get me to the sideline, and I’m coming back in the next play.”

(Via The Big Lead)