During Alfred Morris’s AMA session on Reddit last week, a fan posed the following question to the rookie running back: 

If you’re like me, you immediately began envisioning what 100 duck-sized J.J. Watts would look like. Are they just little Watts? Or are they ducks with Watt heads? And is the Clay Matthews option a centaur situation, or just a really big Clay Matthews? 

I called for photoshops in that post, and reader Stephen sent in the image you see above. It’s a great start, but I know we have some pretty creative readers. So here’s the deal: Email your photoshops of Alfred Morris fighting 100 duck-sized J.J. Watts or one horse-sized Clay Matthews to sarah.kogod@washpost.com. I’ll post the best ones here, and give all of them to Alfred Morris when I see him this week. 

Silly? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.