As part of a long feature on Joe Gibbs, CNN unearthed its footage of the Redskins’ 1983 victory parade. And thank heavens for that.

The package is narrated by an incredibly mustachioed Keith Olbermann. It features Washingtonians running around in the rain, John Riggins in a trucker hat, the Redskins eating actual dolphin meat, Marion Barry screaming “HAIL TO THE REDSKINS,” images of empty government buildings (“federal employees deserted their office buildings and hearing rooms, having been given two hours off with pay to watch the festivities”) and other little bits of awesomeness.

“Rain on their parade or no rain on their parade, the Redskins still had quite a celebration today,” Olbermann says in conclusion. “For the fans, however, there was great symbolism in the gloom. It ended a month-long celebration here in Washington. On the whole, it was not Hail, but rather Rain to the Redskins.”