Had I written a season preview of the 2012 Redskins in August, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have included the names Kai Forbath and Richard Crawford. I mean, back then, Forbath was playing bar golf, and Crawford was competing with two other guys for a backup cornerback role.

But here they were, after Washington’s most significant win in the Shanahan era, accepting game balls from the head coach inside the Skins’ locker room.

“We haven’t given a lot of game balls out, but I want to today,” the coach said, via the team’s Web site. “A guy that stepped up, a lot of pressure on him, he hasn’t missed since he’s been here, Kai Forbath.”

[Cheers, a handshake.]

“Are we running short on game balls around here?” Shanahan continued. “Here we go. Okay. You talk about a lot of pressure on a guy, last punt in the game, Richard Crawford. Get over here.”

[Cheers, calls for a speech, a hug.]

“You guys have done it again,” Shanahan concluded. “We talked about what, a full 60 minutes. You guys hung in there. It didn’t look good in that second quarter, it didn’t look good at halftime; you guys didn’t give up, I’m proud of every one of you guys, hell of a job. Enjoy your win.”

Watch the video here.