Since the Redskins beat the Ravens on Sunday, everyone was able to laugh over a few of the game’s joyful moments. For example, Richard Crawford managing to break a massive punt return in overtime, but failing to out-sprint Ravens punter Sam Koch to the end zone.

Now, if Kai Forbath had missed the subsequent field-goal attempt, this would not have been considered amusing. But after a victory, the topic brought much merriment during Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show.

“I got tired,” Crawford admitted. “A monkey jumped on my back. I was trying to cut back, but then I fell on the ground. We had good field position. I know Kai’s money, I have the utmost confidence in Kai, so I knew he was gonna make the kick….When I do run, I always run kind of full speed, and that’s why I kind of ran out of gas in the end, because I was kind of out of it.”

Then Crawford was asked a question from off-camera.

“Coach [Richard] Hightower always tell you, you’ve got to trust your speed,” Joshua Morgan said while smirking. “What made you slow down?”

“I was getting tired,” Crawford admitted again. “I couldn’t lengthen the strides no more, so I had to improvise.”

Later, Lorenzo Alexander had even more to say.

“He had three returns of 10-plus, and that last one he was able to break it,” the special teams star said. “I gave him a hard time, though; he couldn’t out-run the punter. You’re supposed to walk off, a walk-off touchdown right there. You can’t cut back on the punter. Ain’t that the first rule? You get [to] the punter, it’s a touchdown as a returner?”

Brian Mitchell then said a bear jumped on Crawford’s back.

“That’s what it looked like,” Alexander said. “I was behind him. It looked like a big gorilla, head back and everything.”

Mike Shanahan also had fun with Crawford, with a smile.

“He took it upfield and made a couple people miss,” the coach said. “I’ll get on him a little bit with his run right at the end of the punt return. It looked like he saw that it was free, and started to slow down a little bit. But that was a heckuva job, heckuva job for your first game returning punts in the National Football League, with a lot on the line.”

Crawford was also asked about the return on 106.7 The Fan Monday morning.

“I ran through the hole, hit the hole, then I cut back,” he said. “And then when I hit the 50-yard line, I kind of ran out of gas. That’s all that happened. I really just ran out of gas. I haven’t played in like seven weeks or like two months. I have to get my game legs back. That’s all that was.”