Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

This week’s Redskins community event was a winter coat giveaway for school children at Macy’s. The kids in attendance picked out coats, wrote letters to Santa and got to hang out with Alfred Morris, Josh Morgan, Doug Worthington, Logan Paulsen and Fred Davis.

The children also had access to balloon artists, ready to make whatever latex forms their little hearts desired. The majority of their little hearts desired swords, which led to an epic balloon sword fight on the bottom level of the department store. 

Morris turns 24 tomorrow, but his inner child made an appearance during the fun and games. 

“I just jumped in. I didn’t have a sword, but that just shows my heroism,” joked the rookie running back. “I’m a tough guy. I don’t need a sword to go into a sword fight. I was kicking butt. It was an epic battle and I’m glad I was part of it. It’s going down in history.”

The epic battle was more epic chaos, and not everybody fought fair. 

“This one kid, he had a balloon gun,” Morris said. “He brought a gun to a sword fight.”

As you can see from the video, Morgan is outnumbered until Morris comes in. Eventually Davis and Worthington jump into the fray, making it almost a fair fight. 

And for the record, Morris said he’d rather fight 100 kids with balloons than 100 duck-sized J.J. Watts.  


The Post’s Hamil Harris was also at Macy’s today, and he spoke to some of the players about what it means to be able to give back around the holidays. See the video below: