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Watching Sunday’s game live, I mistakenly thought the Ravens were just messing around when they lined up in that weird fake-punt formation. I figured they were hoping to draw the Redskins offsides.

Turns out I was wrong. They actually wanted to go for that 4th-and-short. And the play was foiled by, get this, the loud FedEx Field crowd. Haven’t typed those words a lot in my career.

“We just had a situation out there where the guys couldn’t hear Anthony [Allen] make the hut call,” Coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Monday. “You know, it got real loud at that point in time. And we executed it really well; we made a substitution and we were running a certain play in there that we thought had a chance. And it would’ve probably had a REAL good chance. But the offensive line couldn’t hear the snap count. And that’s something that was disappointing.”

Want more on the crowd? Here’s ESPN’s Bill Simmons, talking on his most-popular-in-the-country sports podcast.

“Washington has one of the four or five best crowds, just when you’re watching it on TV and it feels like a great crowd,” he said. “I’m really glad that they have a good home team again….RFK was one of the three-best home field advantages. This one, people were down on the state-of-the-art arena, but they never really had a team to put in there.”

Want more? Here’s Will Montgomery, talking about Washington’s final regulation drive on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Bob Papa and Ross Tucker.

“There was a little confusion there at the end with that snap,” the center said. “We were on the quick count, so we were in the no-huddle, and we were all ready to go. And I guess [RGIII] was making checks with his receivers. And I don’t know if there were a lot of Baltimore fans in the crowd or what, but it was surprisingly loud for a home game. And so we just weren’t sure Robert’s status on his knee really during that last drive.”

Got to work on that last part, I guess.

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