Pierre Garcon is doing that thing athletes sometimes do, wherein they appear on 17 ESPN shows in a single day. Or maybe 18. Or 16.

Garcon, though, managed to make news during his appearance with Bram Weinstein on SportsCenter.

“Now we have a little bit of a tougher task,” Garcon said. “We have Kirk starting; we have to play well around Kirk so Kirk doesn’t feel like he has to try to save the team. We have to help him to be as comfortable as possible. It’s just a one-game season now; we still have to win games.”

Of course, The Post — and other outlets — almost immediately debunked Garcon’s inside-sounding information. A source told our Skins guys that “team officials had ‘no idea’ why Garcon made the statement during his televised interview because there had been ‘no change’ in the Redskins’ quarterback deliberations.”

And in fact, Garcon also told Weinstein that “We have to prepare for the worst, we have to prepare,” seeming to acknowledge that things are still up in the air.

Well, during the rest of Garcon’s interviews, he made that case more explicitly.

On Scott Van Pelt’s Show: “If Kirk has to start, we have to prepare for the worst and get ready for Kirk to start, if he has to start. You know, I’m not saying that I know who’s gonna start for sure, but I’m just preparing for whoever.”

On Colin Cowherd’s Show: “[The injury is] not as bad as we thought it was. Once a player goes down with a knee injury, we think it’s an ACL. It’s not an ACL, and that’s a good thing, that’s a blessing, and hopefully he can still play on Sunday.”

On Mike and Mike: “I’m sure it’s gonna be tough to keep [Griffin] out of the game, but it’s up to the coaches and the doctors. I know he’s gonna do everything he can to play. You know, he came back into the game, so I know it’s gonna be hard to keep him out. I know he’s gonna do everything he can, and hopefully he does play.”

Garcon also told Cowherd that he hasn’t seen Griffin since Sunday. So, uh, yeah, forget all this.

Or just read Dan Graziano.

“Don’t rush to find a hidden meaning in every word everybody says about Griffin and his knee. It’s going to ruin your week if you do,” he wrote. “It’s possible — even likely — that Cousins starts the game Sunday. But the idea that Garcon knows that already and unwittingly told a national TV audience this morning is far-fetched. On behalf of ESPN, I thank you for watching our morning programming. But Adam Schefter’s the guy who breaks news on that show, not Pierre Garcon.”

(Video via @trechenbach)