via Blog So Hard Sports

The Redskins’ team name has been the subject of much debate over the years. Some find it inappropriate, while others maintain a neutral position on the issue. And still others, like Joe Mena, embrace the moniker by giving themselves Indian names on Sundays.

According to Blog So Hard Sports, Mena goes by the name “Yellow Canoe” for Redskins games, sporting warpaint and a black wig to complete his alter ego. This past Sunday, Yellow Canoe had a brush with fame when DeAngelo Hall gave him the gift of gifts.

Most of the team had left the field and the frenzy at the tunnel had died down, when I see DeAngelo Hall walking towards the tunnel.  I just give him a standing ovation and tell him what a great game he had.  He simply looked up at me and tossed me his helmet.

It’s not uncommon for a player to toss his gloves or other small items into the crowd after games. I’ve even seen cleats and jerseys make it into the crowd. I have yet to see a helmet get tossed, so Hall was clearly in a generous mood.

Yellow Canoe and his friend, who is “waiting to hear back from the spirits for his Sunday name,” made it to the Jumbotron at FedEx.