In my quest to document every pop culture reference to Robert Griffin III over the next 15 years, here is what I believe to be his first appearance on The Daily Show. As a Redskin, anyhow.

This image — of Haloti Ngata flattening the rookie quarterback — was flashed on the screen when Jon Stewart was mocking those who believe halftime shows are not the place for serious discussions.

“Yes, an NFL halftime show is no time to talk about violence in the NFL,” Stewart said. “It’s a time to watch endless slow motion replays of that day’s hardest hits. ZOINKS! Well that was a great hit, yeah, I think the guy’s brain came out of his earhole on that one. Sucking it up like a man. Of course he’ll never be the same again. All right. Well done.”

‘Course, for this particular hit, there were knee ligaments leaking out of his kneecap, rather than brain matter coming out of the earhole. But RGIII drives ratings, or something.

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(Via my pal Jenn.)