By John McDonnell/The Washington Post


The Redskins are still outside the NFC’s current playoff picture, but we’ve already reached the point where analysts are talking about how no one would want to see them in the postseason.

“There is not one team right now in the NFC that wants that team in the playoffs,” Mark Schlereth said on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning. “You can’t defend them right now. When RGIII is right, and they’ve got that play-action game going, and they’re running that zone-option read stuff, you can’t defend them. You can’t pass rush, you play on your heels, you’re running up on play-action and you leave wide-open chasms behind you.

“There is not one team right now that looks at the Washington Redskins and goes, boy, I’d like to play those guys,” he concluded. “There is not one team. They are a NIGHTMARE for any defensive coordinator right now.”

CBS analyst Phil Simms agreed.

“The play designs and the playcalling, all that by Kyle Shanahan has been tremendous,” he told Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan. “Does anybody want to face that offense and all the variables they’ve got going on right now?”

Both men expressed doubt that the Redskins could win in Cleveland without Robert Griffin III this weekend. Simms, meanwhile, went on to rave about offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and his future prospects.

“And I’ll say this: I don’t know if Kyle Shanahan’s gonna be mentioned for a lot of head coaching jobs this year,” Simms said, “but one more year like they’ve had in Washington on the offensive side, there are gonna be a lot of teams looking for him. Because being creative, and doing something different on the offensive side is hard to do in the NFL, and the Washington Redskins have done it this year.”

(Simms’s son Chris, of course, is such close pals with Shanahan that he has Kyle’s initials tattooed on his lower leg.

“Oh my gosh,” Phil Simms said, when asked for his reaction to that tattoo. “I can’t even tell you what I said. I said one day, you’re gonna be going man, that was a dumb moment when we went down there and got that done. But yes, I’ve seen it and it’s still there, and he’s got a picture of a Longhorn on his leg too. It is what it is. They are good friends. I know he respects Kyle tremendously as a coach.”)