(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Alfred Morris’s relationship with his car Bentley has been highly celebrated, and he was asked by NBC4’s Carol Maloney if he enjoys all the attention.

“Not really. I don’t know,” he said. “She loves it though.”

“She” is the car, and he took Maloney through his car care routine.

“Make sure she got gas in her all the time. Make sure nobody’s dinging up on her or too close,” he said. “Don’t want nobody hitting the car door, like ‘Hey watch it. You look too close for comfort. Back up, back up.’ Do my little fake alarm. Doot doot.”

It’s impossible not to smile when reading/watching/hearing Alfred Morris.

My transcriptions don’t do Morris justice, so here’s the video of Maloney’s car ride in Bentley.

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