Last week, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, challenged Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker to a bet over Sunday’s Redskins-Ravens game. After some back and forth, the terms were agreed upon — the loser would have to pick up trash in the winner’s county while singing the winning team’s fight song. 

Ullman backed the Ravens, an ill-fated choice that forced him to pick up trash in Landover near FedEx Field while singing “Hail to the Redskins.” 

“I was getting a little overconfident when RGIII got knocked out,” he told the media who had gathered to document the occasion. “I didn’t know the backup quarterback was so good.”

(When I told Kirk Cousins about the comment, he said he was proud to hear he had helped someone win a bet.)

“I must admit, I left before the field goal. I knew it was going in,” continued Ullman. “I figured even the Redskins kicker couldn’t miss a field goal that short.”

Clearly someone hasn’t been watching Redskins games lately. Kai Forbath is 14-for-14 from all distances. 

Here’s video proof of Ullman paying up on his wager.