I’ve written it countless times, and now I’m writing it again: The single harshest critic of the Washington Redskins in the pages of The Post has been KidsPost’s Fred Bowen.

Last year, he predicted Washington would finish 6-10, and he wound up off by a game, better than almost any local prognosticator.

This year, he came out guns blazing, and predicted another disappointment.

“Griffin will be fun to watch, but remember that he’s only one player. My prediction: four wins and 12 losses,” he concluded.

Mike Shanahan is starting to win over even some of his harshest critics. (Patrick Semansky/Associated Press)

His 2012 mid-season assessment came during the bye week, when things looked bleak, and he was equally harsh.

“Shanahan is in his third year as Washington’s head coach,” Bowen wrote then. “The team is not much better than when he arrived. Its record under Shanahan is 14–27. Shanahan says the team is better than its record indicates. But in professional football, you are what your record is. Shanahan’s record with the Redskins is poor.”

Pro football, though, has a habit of doubling back on writers, reversing course without any warning, and making even the most knowledgeable football scribes look silly in retrospect. Many just ignore their past words. Not Bowen. He stood up tall in this week’s KidsPost.

“I’ll admit I was wrong,” he wrote. “It’s not the end of the world to be wrong or make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Whenever you make a mistake, it’s best to admit it, then try to figure out why you made the mistake so you won’t do it again. Don’t waste time pretending you didn’t make the mistake. Too many people — from presidents to professional coaches to kids — do that.”

Bravo, sir. Also, that’s why I try to keep all my predictions quiet.

By the way, this seems to be the week for Shanahan critics to give the man his props. Check out the end of Jason Reid’s latest, for example.

“Shanahan’s football team is making him look better each week,” Reid wrote. “And if this keeps up, it just may turn out that Shanahan was the right guy for the Redskins after all.”

And as long as I’m rolling out the Redskins critics now overflowing with praise, here’s Peter King on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 show this week.

“I was at the Monday night game eight, nine days ago,” King said. “And I really not only enjoyed the specter of watching him play, but I told people there, look, I used to cover Giants-Redskins in the ’80s, when I covered the Giants. And the press box at RFK would move up and down, and not just slightly. Six or eight inches. You’d be rocking in there. And this is the first time I’ve been at a football game in Washington that reminded me of the mid- to late-’80s in terms of the spirit, the vibrancy. What that kid has created here is spectacular.”