I joked recently about Robert Griffin III setting a new record for Washington Post A1 appearances by a single athlete in a single year. I’m not joking anymore.

The rookie quarterback has now been pictured on the front page of this newspaper at least 18 times since April. More notably, he has been the lead image of A1 of this newspaper at least 10 times since April, including three of the last 10 days.

I have done no historical research on this topic, but I would bet my laptop that no athlete in D.C. history has been the lead image on A1 10 times in eight months. I can’t imagine many who have pulled that trick 10 times in their career. Riggins? Sonny? Theismann? Gibbs? Ovechkin is probably close to 10, but certainly not in an eight-month span. And has any D.C. athlete ever done it three times in 10 days? Michael Phelps maybe?

Either way, this is an amazing run.

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