While speaking with the NFL Network by satellite yesterday, Alfred Morris’s interview was crashed by teammates Trent Williams and Darrell Young. It was the rookie’s birthday, and it was assumed that they were bringing him a cake. 

Instead they gave him a mail crate hat, a sad bouquet of lollipops and Young’s car keys with the instructions to get it washed. Happy Birthday, rookie. 

It was a silly moment (starting at the four-minute mark of this video), and typical of this year’s Redskins locker room. It’s not uncommon to see teammates behind the cameras trying to make that moment’s subject break during an interview.

“Just trying to keep it loose out here,” explained Stephen Bowen, who is usually the clown trying to get a laugh out of his teammates. “It’s still a very serious part of the season, and every game is crucial. But we don’t want anybody uptight. This is what we do, play football. I try to keep everybody loose around the locker room.”

Earlier this season, Bowen mooned Morris during an interview for the team site. While the camera thankfully didn’t show the offending action, it caught the rookie running back off guard, forcing a take two. 

“That might be the top right there, so far,” laughed Bowen, whose go-to move is to do ridiculous dances off-camera. 

“I’m gonna buy a bowtie and bring it in here and I’m just going to be doing my dance,” he continued, acknowledging that his teammates have learned to expect surprises during interviews. “Most guys, they might laugh or smile, but for the most part they’ve been keeping it together. A lot of composure, these guys. I gotta think of some new material.”