Because someone has declared it open season on the Wizards, even the team’s official partners are now taking shots at the franchise.

D.C. Lottery Executive Director Buddy Roogow testified on Thursday before the D.C. Council’s Committee on Finance and Revenue. There were serious issues at play; read about them here. But Roogow also addressed, at great length, the many challenges and obstacles the Lottery is facing, along with their chosen solutions. (Watch the four-hour hearing here. Personally, I learned a lot about the lottery.)

Which, eventually, led to this.

“I want to talk to you about some of the other things that we’re trying to do to maintain interest,” Roogow told the committee. “We have special games out there. We have a Washington Wizards scratch ticket. We hope the ticket – and it has been – is more successful than — no offense — the Washington Wizards. But we’re out there with a Washington Wizards scratch ticket that’s specifically licensed through the NBA. So we’re happy about that. We had a very successful Cadillac ticket. A Washington Capitals ticket last year. And a Monopoly ticket. We buy these licensed product games, because they’re very popular with the players, and they bring in added revenue.”

That’s cold, sir. But glad to hear the ticket has been more successful than the NBA’s last-place franchise.

(First blogged by NBC Washington)