About three-and-a-half years after Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise launched a radio show for 106.7 The Fan, that program is ending. Wise’s show — which originally ran from 10-2, and was shortened to 12-2 in April — will be replaced by a four-hour program hosted by Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier.

This was a “ratings-based decision,” according to the station’s program director, who did not have further comment. Wise’s co-host, Chris Johnson, is also leaving the station.

Wise — a colleague and a friend — sent along the following statement:

Sorry to announce I’m leaving WJFK today. It’s not by choice. I could gripe and moan, but in an economy where some people can’t find employment, I’m blessed to still have The Washington Post behind my name.

I really wanted to thank everyone associated with giving me an opportunity to do radio the last 3 1/2 years. It gave me a chance to experience the Washington area and get closer to the community like I had never imagined. Some of those relationships cemented will go on, no doubt.

The station gave me an opportunity to share some incredible experiences and actually tackle real issues while allowing me to still be a goofball. Some of the conversations with the likes of Joe Gibbs or Magic or Charles, or, hell, Spike Lee and Bob Schieffer, were amazing. With all due respect to our most prominent guests, I’d still take Kel from Suitland or just eviscerating Jeff from Rockville.

I especially want to thank Chris Johnson for taking me places on the air I needed to go and being the rock of the operation, and to everyone who worked on the show since July of 2009.

Each Friday, like today, I always ended with, “Without you, we wouldn’t have this job, so thank you.” I mean that more than ever today.

Hopefully we made you think or made you laugh at some point.

Peace. I’ll keep you updated on what’s next.