Last month, KWTX in Waco, Tex., sat down with Robert Griffin III for a chat about his connection to the area, and what life has been life since leaving. The full video of the interview was posted yesterday, and while it includes the usual RGIII-like questions, there are a few things worth noting. 

For instance, enjoy having him in the DMV while you’ve got him, because he’s moving back to Texas when his football days are over. 

On being a superstar:

“It is a dream come true. I wanted to be the best basketball player of all time when I was seven. I told my dad that and he brought me out to the basketball court and made me dribble with my left hand for three hours. I went and cried to my mom and I was really upset about that. But it showed me it takes dedication and hard work to get to where you want to be. It is a dream come true, but there’s definitely more to it than people realize. It’s not just being able to play football and getting paid for it. There’s a lot of little things that people don’t recognize that you have to do.”

On his fiancee’s wedding plans:

“I’m sure she has wedding plans. It’ll happen next year. I haven’t been able to set a date or pick a location. I’m sure she has a few in her mind. I’m sure she has it all planned out already. I just have to say yes.”

On eventually making Texas his permanent home:

“I want to. I would love to build my own house from the ground up, but right now I can’t focus on those things. I plan to live in Texas once I’m done, unless I move somewhere else, like the Bahamas or something. But, we’ll see what happens.”

(video via @recordsANDradio