When the Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins in the fourth round last spring, some fans wondered what that quarterback could fetch on the trade market. When he played well in the preseason, they wondered the same thing. When Cousins led the Skins to a late touchdown against Baltimore last week, they wondered it again.

And after the rookie played brilliantly in a road victory over Cleveland, fans wondered it yet again, but for real this time. Because those are the kinds of games that created real markets for guys like Matt Schaub and Matt Flynn and Matt Cassel, and probably even other backups not named Matt.

Anyhow, what is Cousins worth now? Comcast SportsNet asked a former GM, Charley Casserly, to hazard a guess.

I’ll tell you what, you’ve got a minimum of a second-round pick on the table, I think,” Casserly said Sunday evening. “I think if you can work it — and Bruce Allen’s a terrific trader — if you can work it, you might be able to pull two No. 2s out of this thing.

“Now what you’re gonna need is a team that needs a quarterback,” he continued. “That’s simple. I just wrote down Buffalo, Arizona, the Jets and Kansas City — four teams right there. You’ve got to have a team that liked him in college, because he hasn’t played a lot. But there ought to be enough people that [did]. And then when you look at this draft, there are not a lot of quarterbacks that are gonna jump out to you.

“Kansas City and Arizona, you’re talking about top five picks,” Casserly said. “If they don’t want to take a quarterback that high — which they probably don’t — now do I feel more comfortable with a Kirk Cousins, who I liked in college? I’ve seen him play in the pros. He plays another game like this, hey, I’m gonna give up a second [rounder], not even batting an eye. Now I’m gonna get squeezed by the Redskins, and maybe I’m gonna give up two, like the Matt Schaub trade to Houston. So they’ve got a shot right now to start regrouping some things.”

Indeed, Schaub — a former third-round pick — made just two starts for Atlanta before fetching two second-round picks in a trade with Houston. In his first career start for the Falcons, he completed 42 percent of his passes, throwing two interceptions without a touchdown. In his second, he was 18-for-34 for 298 yards and three touchdowns, without a pick. He did, however, play parts of many other games.

Anyhow, CSN’s Rob Carlin jokingly asked Cousins about being part of a QB controversy in D.C.

“We’ve tried to squelch that from day one, and we’re gonna continue to do that,” Cousins said with a laugh. “As I said before, if I’m good enough, I’ll get my chance, and if I’m not, I won’t. But I hope today gave me a chance somewhere, some day. We’ll see.”