I don’t know if I can remember a Redskins game in which an inactive player received as much screen time as Robert Griffin III did in Cleveland. Nearly every series, there he was, adjusting his winter hat, messing with his headphones, laughing with teammates, doing some sort of secret handshake with Rex Grossman, embracing Mike Shanahan, and on and on and on.

In fact, Fox specifically showed Griffin celebrating Washington’s final four touchdowns, each time raising his arms in the air. I was only disappointed that we did not get to see the rookie celebrate the first of the five touchdowns. Shoddy work, that.

“This is the team that I play for, I play for those guys in there,” Griffin told reporters after the game. “And if I can’t help them on the field, I can certainly help them on the sidelines….When you’re not playing, you try to make sure you stay engaged in the game….It was good to see it from that perspective.”