By John McDonnell/The Washington Post


The past two months have taken us from “hahahahaha the Redskins could win out and make the playoffs” to “hey, at least these games still matter” to “wow, this could actually happen.” And now, with two games left, the Redskins seem to be the popular choice to win their division, which would lead to just the second playoff game in FedEx Field history.

The NFL Network’s gameday trio of ex-players was asked which was the team to beat in the NFC East down the stretch, and all three chose Washington.

“Well, if I get RGIII back, I think they’re the team to beat now,” Michael Irvin said. “I love the job that Cousins did, he did a wonderful job coming in the game….Congratulations to him and a wonderful job. And I’ll tell you what also, Pierre Garcon, since his return, this has been a wonderful football team. So I say right now, you have to give them the advantage when you look at that schedule.”

“I would lean towards, if RGIII is healthy as well, the Washington Redskins,” Deion Sanders agreed.

“I just believe that – and I said this a couple weeks ago – I think that what RGIII has given to this team, he’s given them hope,” Marshall Faulk said. “We saw their defense step up [Sunday]. London Fletcher, Jim Haslett, they did a great job without RGIII there, helping Kirk Cousins to win this ballgame. This team right now, they’re scary. And they don’t know their potential, so other teams don’t really know their potential. I pick them to win the NFC East.”

Better go back and print out some preseason and bye-week assessments, just to keep things fresh.