Cindy Boren earlier provided a rundown of the altercation involving London Fletcher’s family during his return to his hometown. Monday morning, the linebacker discussed the incident involving his family members on the NFL Network.

“It’s my understanding, from the moment they got out of their car they were harassed by Browns fans and things like that, all the way up to the stadium,” Fletcher told Steve Wyche. “I had a 13-year old cousin who was hit in the face, prior to the game. This was going into the game, I guess in the tailgate area. So a lot of harassment took place prior to the game and during the course of the game.

“And I’m from Cleveland,  I know Browns fans, and they’re rabid fans and they love their team,” he continued. “I guess in the stadium they were being harassed again. But the situation that led to people being arrested was one of the stadium security guys assaulted one of my family members. Instead of defusing the situation, he escalated the situation. It wasn’t the fans that they had the altercation with in the stadium; it was Browns stadium security.”

Wyche then asked for an update on the 13-year old cousin.

“He wasn’t hurt; he’s okay,” Fletcher said. “I had an aunt who was hospitalized for I guess neck injuries, stuff like that, when the whole melee took place. She was hospitalized. She did not suffer a heart attack, which I guess was being reported. Details are emerging, but from the understanding I’ve gotten, it’s an ongoing legal situation that we’ll be moving forward with.”

Wyche then asked if Fletcher would be pursuing the matter legally.

“Obviously we would like to see something done,” he said. “I had four family members who were arrested. It’s definitely disheartening and put a major damper on my return going home to play in the city that I love. I grew up loving the Cleveland Browns; love the city of Cleveland. I’m not happy about what happened, because it definitely put a damper on my return on what was otherwise a great day for us, being able to go in, win a ballgame. So it’s definitely something that I’m upset about.”

And Wyche finally asked if Fletcher’s relatives had been charged or released from jail.

“They’re still in jail at the moment, haven’t been charged just yet,” he said. “It’s a matter that all the facts will come out later on. Again, I’m disappointed in what happened. I grew up loving the Browns. I love that city, love the team, and for this to happen, extremely disappointed.”

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