When I posted those images of Robert Griffin III celebrating each of his team’s second-half touchdowns in Cleveland, I pointed out that RGIII and Rex Grossman had also shared a special fancy handshake moment.

Here’s a GIF of that moment. It might not have been as magical as I remembered, but it was the most interesting touchdown celebration of the day.

Meanwhile, here are some Cleveland sports-radio hosts reflecting on the day’s events.

“In the middle of the fourth quarter, I would have packaged Trent Richardson and [Brandon] Weeden and traded them heads-up for Kirk Cousins,” former WTEMer Kevin Kiley said. “I’d have just switched uniforms. And here’s another thing: Andrew Luck, okay. RGIII, okay. Russell Wilson, a little bit of a surprise, he ran for three touchdowns yesterday. And now, Kirk Cousins, too, better than our rookie? I mean, Cousins, he was Joe Namath.”

“It was funny, because I kept looking at it,” Chuck Booms added. “One guy had the poise of an NFL starter, and Weeden looked like the dumb-founded backup that really doesn’t want to be in the game. Yuck. My God. It was sickening to watch, sickening. I was sick to my stomach.”