In Boz’s Hosanna to the Redskins this week, he wrote the following about Kirk Cousins:

“If there is such a thing, they probably got a franchise backup quarterback, too, in Cousins. He’s tradeable, keepable and adorable.”

Adorable? I wasn’t sure about that one. Then I saw Chris Cooley telling Dan Hellie about his favorite Cousins moments from Sunday’s win in Cleveland.

“Every time he enters the huddle, he says TEAM! before he calls the play,” Cooley explained. “So he gets in the huddle – TEAM! – then he calls the play.

“The one-liners I liked a lot, the first was first-hand,” Cooley continued. “We’re trying to run the clock out at the end of the first [half]. He gets off the headset with Kyle Shanahan, comes into the huddle and he says, ‘Guys, I want to talk to you for a second. I have a couple things to tell you.’ In the huddle. ‘First, protect the ball. Second, stay in bounds. TEAM! Then he calls the play.

“My second one-liner that I loved I heard second-hand, from Rex Grossman. He comes off the sideline as the fourth quarter starts, he says, ‘Rex, it’s the fourth quarter, it’s crunch time, we have to win this thing.'”

That’s all pretty adorable. Just hope he never has to run the hurry-up. No time for extra words. TEAM!