(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)


“I promise you I’ll come back and I’ll be a better quarterback the second half of the season for us, for this team,” Robert Griffin III said just after the Skins lost at home to Carolina.

By the time the team reconvened and Griffin met the press again, he had been named a co-captain and was talking about the postseason.

“What am I saying? Yeah, I think playoffs are a realistic goal for us, and there’s not a player in that locker room that doesn’t believe that,” he told reporters.

Apparently, he and his teammates told each other much the same. Evan Royster was recently asked what changed on this team between the 3-6 doldrums and the 8-6 frenzy, and he immediately mentioned Griffin and London Fletcher’s leadership.

“I really think it’s just the leaders on this team,” Royster told Run TMC Sports. “I think Robert and London really stepped up and made us want to get out of that funk we were in. We were kind of in a spot where we were okay with losing, to an extent, and that’s not good enough. And we kind of came together during that bye week and just said, We’re not going to lose any more. And we’ve held up to that so far.”

Royster was also asked a question many have wondered in recent weeks: Why does it seem like Redskins receivers are always wide open?

“You know, if I could answer that question, I’d be an offensive coordinator myself,” the running back joked. “He’s great at what he does. It’s been really fun to sit back and let him call the plays. I have no complaints. It’s really great when you see an offense click like that, because defenses just don’t know what we’re gonna do. We’ll run it at them, and then once they start bringing their linebackers downhill, we’ll hit a little play-action pass right in the gap behind them. The way we’ve been running it this year is unlikely anything I’ve seen before.”

Also, Royster’s favorite relaxation activity is to hang out on his Lovesac. That’s like a beanbag chair or something. Never knew that.