(Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)


Last month, Eric Kettani tweeted a pic of a gift he had received from Robert Griffin III. 


It turns out that Kettani wasn’t the only lucky guy that day. RGIII had gifted headphones to the entire offense, including some coaches. 

“He interrupted [running backs coach] Bobby T’s meeting, which is a no-no. So you’d better have a gift if you’re doing that,” Darrell Young joked. “He came in and said, ‘Hey, I got a gift for everybody,’ and then he said what it was. He was like, ‘Get them after the meeting.’ We said, ‘No, we’ll get them now, because if we wait there won’t be any more.’”

Young went on to tell me that RGIII has a sponsorship deal with Beats by Dre, who sent over the headphones to hand out. The rookie quarterback caused a stir in August by prominently wearing those same headphones during pregame warmups. It’s unclear whether the sponsorship happened before he was photographed wearing them, or after. 

As for the gifts, were they a thank-you? An incentive to the offense to keep the rookie quarterback protected and prosperous? 

“I don’t ask questions,” Kettani said. “I just say, ‘Thank you, Robert.'”