I don’t think rookie of the year awards are an appropriate topic to get worked up over.

I also don’t think LaDainian Tomlinson’s opinion on rookie of the year awards is an appropriate topic to get worked up over.

That said, there are some Redskins fans who enjoy getting worked up over such things. And for them, I provide Tomlinson’s thoughts on the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year award, delivered on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “The Opening Drive” Wednesday morning.

Co-host Ross Tucker, by way of context, suggested that the award was Russell Wilson’s for the taking, with his recent hot streak and the upcoming primetime meeting with the 49ers.

“No question, he has a shot at it,” Tomlinson agreed. “He can very well win the award. I mean, I think he’s right there, where you still don’t really know who’s gonna win it. I have no idea at this point who I would go with. Two, three weeks ago I said RGIII, but right now, Kirk Cousins actually was the one that won that game last week to put them in the position that they’re in now. So I think that’s gonna hurt RGIII a little bit.

“But Russell Wilson is having one of those years that you have to recognize,” Tomlinson continued. “If it wasn’t for RGIII, Russell Wilson would actually have played the best out of any rookie quarterback: completion percentage, passer rating, touchdown-to-interception ratio. What he has done in getting this team to this point is really remarkable. And so really and truly, at this time, I think Russell Wilson is your rookie of the year.”

Then they again discussed the upcoming schedules for these teams, and how Wilson could make an impression on Sunday night.

“Big-time players step up in big-time games,” Tomlinson said. “We talk about it year after year. And if Russell Wilson performs well, he could very well lock up the rookie of the year. If he don’t — he comes out and lays an egg, and throws two or three interceptions — then we’re looking at Andrew Luck and possibly RGIII, if RGIII plays. If RGIII doesn’t play this week, I really think he’s out of the rookie of the year race. I think it’ll be left up to Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck.

“The fact that Kirk Cousins has played so well in his absence, trust me, that has a lot to do with it,” Tomlinson said. “You’re thinking oh my goodness, this guy has made such a difference – and he has, don’t get me wrong, he’s made a great difference – but they really haven’t missed a beat with Kirk Cousins in the lineup. To me, there’s a value in that, when you talk about the rookie of the year.”

If it matters, Griffin has completed 66 percent of his passes while throwing for 2,902 yards, 18 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Wilson has completed 63 percent of his passes while throwing for 2,697 yards, 21 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. And Luck has completed 55 percent of his passes while throwing for 3,978 yards, 20 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Griffin also has more rushing touchdowns than the other two, and more rushing yards than them, combined.

Seattle columnist Steve Kelley also weighed in this week, arguing that the Seahawks QB “should be NFL Rookie of the Year.”

“Wilson, unlike Griffin, has the ability to avoid the big hits,” Kelley writes. “He knows how much yardage he can get before an ill-intentioned safety arrives. He understands how important the next play is. Because of that Wilson has played every significant snap this season. Griffin hasn’t. And no rookie is playing better than Wilson right now.”