Niles Paul, not doing Gangnam Style into the Dallas end zone. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


A few weeks ago, Niles Paul tweeted about needing some dance lessons. 


Since then, the Redskins tight end has taken it upon himself to learn the worldwide dance craze.

“I watched a few training videos,” he told me, when I asked if anyone had offered him lessons. “I think I’ve got the dance down now. I’ve practiced a couple of times. Every time the video comes on, I try to get in rhythm with it.”

Paul has kept his hobby quiet, and only his teammates have witnessed his new moves. 

“I’ve done it on the practice field a couple of times,” he laughed. “A couple of people joined in. Santana and DY. They were all doing it.”

The visual of Redskins players on the field dancing to Gangnam Style led to the decision that the team needs some sort of formal dance-off. 

“I don’t think I’d fare well. I’m still learning,” Paul said of the potential contest. “It actually takes a lot more rhythm than you think. I’d be a strong 6 right now. But we’ll set that up, we need to get that on TV. I’ll pull out the Soldier Boy again.”

A contest needs more than one participant, though.

“Bowen would do it, no doubt,” Paul nodded. “Bowen would do it in a minute.”

Bowen confirmed the sentiments when I asked if he’d be willing to throw down on the dance floor.

“Oh I’ll do it,” he said. “You let me know when.”

I think we can all agree that this needs to happen.