Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

Dan told you about Kirk Cousins’s habit of saying “Team” before he calls plays in the huddle. But hidden in that same interview with Chris Cooley on NBC4 was this fun anecdote about running back Alfred Morris. 

“Someone got under his skin and he was talking a little bit of trash this week. Tough guy,” Cooley laughed. “And then, this is another one of my favorite parts about the game, he’s in the middle of talking trash and he looks at Bobby Turner, our running backs coach, who I like to refer to as ‘Alfred’s dad.’ He’s always watching him like a dad, and [Morris] says, ‘I was talking trash and I looked at Bobby T and I thought, Oh yeah. He’s going to be mad that I’m saying anything.’ So then he turned around and walked back to the huddle.”

Halting his trash talk because coach will get mad is the most Alfred Morris thing ever. No, wait. Being loyal to an ancient car that won’t start is the most Alfred Morris thing ever. Or asking Santa what he wants for Christmas. That’s the most Alfred Morris thing ever. 

Seriously, though. It’s like there’s a Mr. Congeniality contest going on in this locker room.