Dave Spadaro and Merrill Reese.

You might recall that longtime Eagles radio voice Merrill Reese seemed particularly distraught last month, when the Redskins stomped on Philadelphia.

“It’s one thing to lose by a bushel to Atlanta. These are the WASHINGTON REDSKINS,” Reese said, in part. “This is more than a defeat. It is an EMBARRASSING defeat.”

Well, here comes another meeting with Philadelphia, giving Reese a renewed reason to talk about the Redskins. He still doesn’t seem very high on them. Weird.

“I mean, I would hate to see Daniel Snyder happy,” Reese told Dave Spadaro on the team’s Web site. “Now, this has nothing to do with the fact that he sits Mike [Quick] and I in the corner of the end zone [at FedEx Field], and we can’t see anything.”

“I was not even aware of your unhappiness with the FedEx Field broadcast booth,” Spadaro said, in a tone indicating he was pretty well aware of Reese’s unhappiness.

“So I would hate to see Daniel Snyder leave here in a good mood,” Reese went on. “I’d like to see them go out there and say to the Washington Redskins, ok guys, we did our part, now go [play] Dallas and see what they’ll do to you. They’d be the last of the three teams that I’d like to see get in, the Redskins, absolutely.”

Which is amazing to me. I would instantly have guessed Eagles fans and employees would hate Dallas and the Giants more than the Redskins. Why on earth would a team that has rarely been a threat for two decades be his last choice to make the playoffs?

“Boy, that’s a tough one,” Spadaro said. “I don’t like any [of them]. Can all three of them tie for the division lead and then the NFL just say no winner from the NFC East? I mean, the encouraging thing is, at 8-6, the Eagles aren’t chasing a murderer’s row of football teams.”

“You know what the most frustrating thing is, folks?” Reese concluded. “The fact that when the Eagles faced the Washington Redskins down there at FedEx Field, both teams were 3-6 at the time. And the Redskins haven’t lost since.”

Weird spot, all in all.